Saturday, March 3, 2012

Get The Rhythm Sneak Peak

Get The Rhythm, Sneak Peak

Twitter: @ProfMartyScrum

Ever been to a restaurant?  Get Really Great Service?  Really Bad Service?  Come visit the Agile Café and learn how these life lessons can bring immediate value to your agile project team.  We will scrutinize the café menu, have some fun give a ways and learn interesting tricks to help your agile team become more self organizing and get into a successful rhythm.

What’s on the menu?

A la Carte
Preparing to Lead
Rhythmic Leadership
Leadership with Goodies
Leadership Principles
The Team
Product Planning
Kanban Board
Missing Roles
The Organization
Sprint Planning
Sprint Burn Down
Follow the Process
The Process
Stand Up
Product Burn Down
Negotiate Rhythm

Sprint Review
Life Cycle
Identify Impediments


Build A Rhythm

Building a Rhythm


Visit Code PaLOUsa and Learn from great speakers, network with peers and have some fun.

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